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It was a fairly good sighting this month – at least for all of us here at Safari Plains. Although I don’t usually like commenting about the general state of the weather as that gets pretty cliched pretty quickly, I should mention that the mercury was up 35° (Celsius) a number of times this month, which meant that we, as well as the animals, were seeking shade like our lives depended on it. The heatwave didn’t slow things down however, and the highlights of the month included cheetahs female and her cubs, some incredible elephant’s sightings, and the warthog litters starting to emerge from their various dens about the reserve.

Why do we take photographs? Each individual will have a different answer to this question but my preferred reason includes and has a similar outlook to the above quote. Photography captures a moment and a story that can be retold to the ones not fortunate to have witnessed it themselves. It encapsulates the beauty of this environment we few are so privileged to experience. It allows you to tell a story over and over again until hopefully one day others can experience such moments first hand. Safari plains is the perfect place to capture those moments and share them with your family and friends.