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My apologies if the picture is deceiving, however the article is not about the lions. As most people have headed back to work for the start of 2019, things have continued unabated in the bush; a place where the wildlife knows no year or date or even time. The only things out here are seasons, daylight or night, hot or cold. And the animals react accordingly.

Fortunately in our air-conditioned offices we can find some form of protection from the fierce heat outside or the pelting rain that falls every now and then, and while we do so we can enjoy another year of abundance of sightings on Mabula Lions, lions, lions have been the call this week, as the Madjuma pride have taken down a wildebeest, a zebra, feasted on a kudu. Although summer isn’t normally too conducive to great lion viewing, as the heat of the day drives them into the shade early on, the cloudy weather we have been experiencing has kept temperatures low and the pride on the move. Long may it continue, as well as the rain that the clouds have been releasing intermittently? The rest of the usual Safari Plains cast have been taking advantage of the cooler weather to be out and about…