May 2019

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One usually imagines the African bush to be a peaceful place, but as the moon heads towards full, the impala rams are hitting their stride in the rut, and their bellowing, roaring and grunting is anything but peaceful as they go around the clock. Many of them have fallen prey to the local predator population, and although I don’t have an exact figure, probably in excess of 75% of the kills that are made during this period are adult impala rams whose vigilance has slipped or whose energy levels are simply at such a low ebb after defending a harem 24-hours a day that they become easy pickings. It’s an exciting time to be out here, and what we are in essence seeing is the sowing of the seeds of the next generation of impalas, due in early November at the onset of the rains. While the leopards and lions glut themselves on fresh impala ram meat, it has been business as usual for the rest of Safari Plain’s inhabitants as a resource, water is just as valuable as food…